If you want to improve your business, if you want to be beyond others, if you want to work with the best in the profession, take some time and let us introduce ourselves. We are sure that, together, we can find a solution supported by one of our programming solutions which can advance your business.

We live and work in Ruma. We were established in 1992. Our first and basic activity was,and still is, production and implementation of business software.
With more than 300 implemented programming solutions "ALFASOFT" is the leader in the information technologies in the region of Srem and wider. Besides software producion and implementing software we also:

  • sell and service PC hardware
  • deal with web technologies (sale and installation)
  • educate users in computer courses
  • deal with fiscal devices
  • legalize (licence) software

"ALFASOFT" is a private firm with 30 employees. Twelwe full time employed programmers are trained to work with different information technologies (Microsoft .NET, Visual Basic, Microsoft SQL Server, ASP, PHP, Clipper) and therefore "ALFASOFT" is an absolute leader in the field of programing solutions in its region.

We are general representatives and distributers of computer equipment of the world`s eminent firm DELL® for Srem, certificated INTEL® intergrator and certificated Microsoft® dealer. That enable us to give our clients high quality and complete support in purchasing top quality computer equipment as well as licenced software package support, under optimal conditions, all of that at one place - our place.

"ALFASOFT" has rich experience in computer trainings, which were successfully completed on the basic level by hundreds of clients. We especially emphasize internationally accepted ECDL (life long computer skills) – a course currenty used in 140 countries and 36 languages.

Besides basic trainings we successfully organize advanced and specialized courses.


Our beginnings are related to the development of the first accountancy software packages. In time, we grew and progressed, and today we have more than 300 hundred programming packages which operate in more than 500 firms.

Considering the competition, acknowledgements and certificates we got, and all the hard work and efforts we put in, we realised that the time has come to come out with an offer out of Srem region, too. For that reason this ID card has been made.


  • An annual award of Srem Economy Chamber for the most successful company in municipality of Ruma, for the year 2007, 15 th July, 2008.
  • A commendation for the significant accomplishments in 2008, given by Economy Chamber of Vojvodina, 21 st April, 2008.
  • Serbian Information Association Acknowledgement in a category of developed and applied computing products "Infokiosk" Administrative municipality of Sremska Mitrovica, April 2008.
  • In competition, organized by the daily news "Blic", patronaged by "Intesa" bank, the Republic agency for development of small and medium firms, the "Ekonomist" magazine, SIEPA - Agency for foreign investments and promotion of the Republic of Serbia export and Small Firms Association, we entered top ten, January 2008.
  • Unique Information Serbian Association on the occcasion of getting the prize DISKOBOLOS 2007 gave us a special acknowledgement for the information system of public enterprise "Ingas" Inđija, in the sphere of "FINANCES", December 2007.

Our vision is to become a regional leader in computer and software sales. From day one we were driven by a principle that only with excellent product quality and services alike, can we improve and be better than competition. We wanted all our clients to be really satisfied with goods and services provided by Alfasoft. With respect to diversity of our clients and with an individual approach to each of them, we have made an army of satisfied clients who are our best recommendation.

Our mission is to reach to every individual or company where we take a computer or install our own software. Our users must be given the right software to suit their needs which will support the development of business systems and develop it further. Individual or group education of our clients, as well as quick and professional support make our way of business mainly distinct from our competition.

Goal which is set when this company was established has been reached a long time ago, so for some time, we have been working on the next goals: export of own software (phase one in neighboring countries, phase two in EU), widening of sales by having new shops that specialize in computer equipment, IT education (ECDL certificate) which is associated with every retail shop, training and educating of existing and new staff in our company.